Where to Shop

Where to Shop


The City of Manzini offers a selection of modern shopping outlets which would certainly give the visitor and residents alike a great shopping experience. The Bhunu Mall along Ngwane Street and The Hub along Mhlakuvane Street have over the years been the biggest shopping centers in the City of Manzini. They are home to the country’s biggest supermarkets; Shoprite and Pick N’ Pay. Manzini also has the popular Spar and Boxer supermarkets. A number of smaller shopping centres are scattered around the city centre and offer a variety of trendy items. There is also the Estel House and the recently opened Makhaya Shopping Centre along Ngwane Street, which mainly house clothing and cosmetics boutiques.

For those who love the ‘wheels’, the Carson Centre has a variety of showrooms/dealerships for auto-mobiles at the public’s disposal. One of the latest shopping centres, the Riverstone Mall, is located at the foot of Ngwane Street almost  opposite the Manzini Old Trade Fair. It is home to a number of popular international brands in the retail landscape including Pick N’ Pay, Ocean Cuisine, Edgars, Fish & Chips, Identity and many more. The eastern side of the city centre also recently saw the development of yet another shopping centre named, Manzini Lifestyle Centre, located directly opposite The George Hotel. It is home to the popular Ocean Basket and Spur franchises as well as the popular Spar supermarket, amongst other shops. Yet another shopping centre is available on the eatern part of the city (next to the Carson Centre) and, amongst others, houses a sports shop, pharmacy and a Spar supermarket.

Another shopping centre has been recently developed on the south-eastern part of the city, along D98 road within Ngwane Park Township. It houses an OK Foods supermarket as well as a number of other exciting shops. A lot more can be said about the great shopping experience in the City of Manzini. Visit Manzini and satiate your shopping appetite. For those who like supporting upcoming entreprenuers, a number of vendors are available along the city streets and within the Main Bus Rank and President Centre shopping complex; and these sell fresh fruit and vegetables, amongst other items.

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