Where to Relax

Where to Relax


The City of Manzini offers a number of parks and gardens within the city centre. There is the Civic Office Park located just below the Municipal Council offices and the Millennium Park further down across Mhlakuvane Street. At the heart of the city centre there is the Somhlolo Park which also offers a relaxed and refreshing environment. This is where stands the King Somhlolo statue, which carries great historical significance not only for the City of Manzini but the Kingdom at large. There are pockets of similar facilities in most of the townships around the city where residents usually have fun. For those who prefer to unwind through reading, there is the Manzini Library situated at the corner of Sandlane and Nkoseluhlaza streets. The facility offers a relaxed environment with guests having a variety of reading material at their disposal. At the moment the City of Manzini is without a cinema.

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