Parking in the City

Parking in the City

Despite a heavy vehicular population, motorists have no difficulty finding parking space in the City of Manzini. The major shopping centers, The Hub, Bhunu Mall and Riverstone Mall provide ample off-street parking space. This kind of parking has not only provided the desired convenience among motorists but also a safe and secure environment for vehicles. An on-street pay parking programme exists in Manzini. The purpose is to manage parking time and ensure availability of parking space in the city centre. Parking along these street costs only E2.50 per 30 minutes of parking. Motorists are required to pay the fee before alighting from their vehicles. Failure to do so results in clamping of the vehicle as well as payment of a penalty charge. Parking marshals, identifiable by bright coloured reflective bibs (marked “Parking Marshal”), are always available along the streets to collect the fees. Not all streets in the city centre, however,  attract payment. Pay streets are identifiable by a green marking at the edge of their parking bays.

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