The Mayor, His Worship Councillor Goodwill Dlamini

The Honourable Mayor’s Office oversees the operation of Council. The Mayor, who is elected by Councillors at the beginning of each financial year, is the head of Council and chairs Council meetings. In his absence, the Deputy Mayor holds fort. Councillors, under the leadership of the Mayor, approve and make all the necessary policies as advised by the Town Clerk/Chief Executive Officer.

The Mayor’s Office also forms the link between the public served and the Municipal Council. The ultimate goal of the Office of the Mayor is to ensure good governance and that concerns and aspirations by citizens are taken on board in all Council operations. At present, the Honourable Mayor of the City of Manzini is His Worship Councillor Goodwill Dlamini. Councillor Goodwill Dlamini assumed the position in May 2024 and the next election, which will determine whether or not he continues to hold office. Councillor Goodwill Dlamini is passionate about issues of employee welfare.

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