How to get to Manzini

How to get to Manzini


The person who wishes to visit the City of Manzini has a variety of travel options. By plane, the visitor can enjoy a 45 minutes flight from the O.R. Tambo airport in Johannesburg, South Africa, to the King Mwati III International Airport (Eswatini). By road one has a choice over a number of border posts through which to come into Eswatini from neighbouring countries. From Johannesburg, public transport to Manzini is always available – either through the well efficient Oshoek Border Post in the northern part of the country; Mahamba Border Post in the southern part of the country; the Lavumisa Border Post which largely services visitors from South Africa’s Kwa Zulu-Natal province.

There are also the Lomahasha and Mhlumeni border posts which act as a throughway to and from neighbouring Mozambique – east of the Kingdom. Other border posts into the Kingdom of Swaziland are Matsamo, Sandlane, Lundzi, Salitje, Sicunusa, Gege, Bulembu and Mananga. A number of public transport vehicles are available from all neighbouring countries into the City of Manzini. In fact, due to Manzini’s proximity to big cities in neighbouring countries, some visitors prefer to travel by road so they could have a closer feel of the dazzling scenic view along the road.

Manzini Coordinates:  26°29’48.4″S 31°22’41.1″E

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