Health Facilities

Emergency Assist Vehicles

The Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital serves as the largest and commonly used public hospital. It is situated at the corner of Dr David Hynd road and the MR3 highway near the Manzini Nazarene traffic lights. There is also a government funded health facility called Sobhuza Clinic. It is situated across the MR 3 highway almost opposite the RFM Hospital. Another popular facility is the St Theresa’s Clinic which is owned by the Roman Catholic mission. Other private clinics are available in different parts of the city centre. Although a bit outside the city boundary, towards the eastern part of the city along the MR 3 public road is located a prestigious private hospital called Manzini Clinic.

Manzini also has a women and children clinic located along Kelly street, east of the city. Another large hospital, the Mkhiwa Clinic, is housed within the towering Inyatsi House (formerly Tiger City) along Dr David Hynd road.  Quite recently, the Municipal Council opened its own clinic (Filter Clinic) within the premises. The fully fledged clinic, which offers all services one would get from any other government clinic, operates in partnership with the Ministry of Health. It opens at 8am and closes at 4:45pm from Monday to Thursday. On Fridays it operates from 8am to 4:30pm while on Saturdays it opens from 8am to 1pm. At the moment it does not operate on Sundays and public holidays.

The Municipal Council also runs the LaMvelase Help Centre which offers HIV and AIDS related services including counseling and AnteRetroviralTherapy (ART). This facility is situated at the corner of Sandlane and Nkoseluhlaza streets. At the moment it also operates during working days and hours.

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