General Rules of the City

Street Vending

Regulated street vending is allowed within the urban area but it is strictly restricted to the designated areas. A vendor must have a valid trading permit obtainable from Council and should only conduct trade at the place permitted to conduct business. Trading outside the allocated area is a violation of Council’s regulations. The vendor must only sell the goods/wares specified when applying for the permit. The vendor is not allowed to relocate from one vending site to another without Council’s permission.

Keeping of Animals

No person shall keep an animal which is a nuisance or annoyance to other residents within the neighbourhood. If an animal becomes a nuisance to other residents and members of the public its owner shall have to voluntarily remove it from their property or Council shall be forced to remove it. No person may keep any domestic animal other than a dog, cat and rabit without a valid permit issued by Council. No person shall cause any animal to graze within the urban boundary unless they have been permitted by Council.


No person shall keep more than a flock of 12 live poultry without Council’s permission. Any person keeping poultry must do so in a properly built poultry house which must be atleast eight (8) metres away from the nearest dwelling building. The structure should be constructed according to the requirements of Council.

Dangerous and Diseased Animals

No person shall allow animals suffering from a communicable disease, are ferocious, dangerous or on heat to roam freely on the streets. Failure to do so may result in legal action taken against the owner.


No person shall deposit any litter/refuse anywhere except at areas designated by Council. A person caught dumping litter at any other place other than a receptacle (dust bin, dumpster) shall be forced to clean the area of all the refuse found there whether or not the litter has been accumulated by him. The person shall also face legal prosecution.

Dead Animals

No person shall place a dead animal in a litter bin or receptacle, road side or any premises. Arrangement must be made with Council for its removal and or disposal.

The Park

Any person using the park shall obey all instructions given to them by any person employed by Council for the purposes of preserving order and regularity therein. No person shall annoy, disturb, obstruct or interfere with any person using the park. Any person caught damaging, destroying, interfering with the vegetation (lawn), equipment or property of the park shall be prosecuted. Anyone who litters or leaves uncollected or does not deposit litter in a litter bin placed within the park or nearby shall be guilty of an offence.

Street Collections

Any person or organization (including welfare or charitable organisations) may not conduct street collection of alms/money without Council’s permit.

Nuisance in Public Places

No person shall place anything or an object on the street, parking bay, pavement or any other place where it is likely to cause inconvenience, danger, discomfort, obstruction to the passage of any person for a longer time than may be necessary for loading or downloading. The police or any authorized Council official may remove the object. No person may sit, lie, walk, stand, loiter, congregate or otherwise act in such manner that obstructs the free flow of human or vehicular traffic along the streets or to jostle or otherwise annoy the public. No person may deposit scrap metal or car or anything in any premises – be it his own or that of the public. Such material may be disposed with the help of Council.

Public Order

No person shall, in any street or place of public resort or within site or hearing distance of the persons therein, disturb the peace by causing excessive noise by either him or any instrument or machine, shouting, quarrelling, fighting or challenging to fight, or otherwise creating disturbance, fighting or challenging to fight, striking with or brandishing or using in a threatening manner any stick or weapon using any abusive, threatening or obscene language or gesture, singing or reciting any scurrilous words or songs whether or not any person is particularly addressed therein. Any other violent, riotous, unbecoming disorderly behavior is prohibited.

Public Meetings and Parades

Public meetings, rallies, street parades or demonstrations are not allowed to take place in the city unless a special permit to hold such has been obtained from Council.

Indecency and Immorality

No person shall, in any street or public place or resort or in any place within sight or hearing distance of the persons therein, commit any indecent or immoral gesture/act or willfully and obscenely expose his person or exhibit or sell any indecent books or pictures or promote any indecent or immoral gestures, or gamble with cards, dice or coins. No person is allowed to urinate, spit or blow his/her nose in a public place.

Loud Advertisement

No person shall, for the purpose of advertising or promoting his wares or services, use the aid of loud speakers, megaphones, gongs or any noisy instrument unless permitted by Council.

Noise in the Neighbourhood

No person shall cause disturbance of peace to neighbours by means of shouting, quarrelling or loud music. Any such disturbance must be duly reported to the police and the offender will be duly prosecuted.


No person shall discharge fireworks in or over any street or public place without a written permit from Council. The discharge of fireworks will remain subject to the conditions Council would have deemed fit to impose.

...Our Advice

In case of doubt, before commencing any activity contact Council to be advised appropriately. It is our goal to ensure that people or businesses in the city are conducted appropriately so that everyone enjoys life in the city.

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