Manzini has over the years gained popularity as the preferred destination for entertainment activities – be it during the day or at night. A number of popular night clubs found in the City of Manzini attract scores of fun lovers one weekend after another. People, especially the youth, from all corners of the Kingdom of Eswatini flock the city to unwind and enjoy a great clubbing experience. The most popular hangout spots are: The Xchange Lounge & Shisanyama (located in Ngwane Park), Yoruba Lounge (located with The George Hotel), Mario’s Restaurant Pub N’ Grill located within the Summer Place shopping complex along Mancishane street, Cloud 9 (located along Mhlakuvane street near The Hub shopping complex), Portuguese Club (located near the Mazini Main Bus Rank), Emgcwembeni Braai & Shisanyama (located at Fairview North) and The Vibe (situated in Ngwane Park township).

Fun in these facilities starts heating up from around 8pm. Cabs are always available for those clubbers who do not have transport to and from these facilities at a reasonable charge. Other restaurants and bars also provide light scale entertainment. For those who love choral music, the City of Manzini has a number of public halls where special choral events are held. These include the Mfanyana Hall and Zakhele Hall.

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