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Director Community Services, Zweli Maphanga

The Community Services Department is responsible for ensuring provision of Urban Planning and Community Development services of acceptable standard, Social Services, Environmental and Health Services as well as Sports, Arts and Cultural Services to the communities of the City of Manzini; the aim being achievement of community betterment. The department’s operations are primarily governed by the Local Government Act 8/1969, Building and Housing Act of 1968, Town Planning Act of 1961, Public Health Act 1969, Human Settlement Act 1961, Environmental Management Act 2001, amongst other legislations.

Primary Responsibilities

The primary responsibilities of the Department are to:

  • Develop and implement strategies that seek to stimulate, promote and develop Sports, Arts and Culture and other recreational activities
  • Provide efficient and coordinated health care services
  • Manage the provision of efficient and coordinated community welfare services such as:
    • Social centres
    • HIV/AIDS Education/Awareness
    • Sports, Arts and Culture Development
  • Manage and monitor implementation of the Manzini Disaster Management Strategy
  • Protect and maintain sensitive, vulnerable areas and cultural heritage sites to sustainable levels
  • Coordinate development and management of public spaces and recreational centres, parks and facilities
  • Manage and monitor implementation of the City Economic Development Strategy
  • Manage and monitor environmental health matters within the jurisdiction of the Municipality
  • Provide, manage, preserve and maintain any municipal space, land, and building reserved for the protection of places or objects of scenic, natural, historical and cultural value or interest

Department's Structure

The Community Services Department is split into two Sections which provide the following services, respectively:

Urban Planning & Economic Development

  • Town Planning
  • Tourism & Economic Development
  • Human Settlement Development
  • Out-door advertising
  • Community Development
  • City Economic Development
  • Sport and recreation management
  • Disaster Management

Public & Environmental Health

  • Waste Management
  • Laboratory Services
  • Social Centre Services
  • Health Inspections (Food and Non-food establishment), grading and licensing
  • Public Health Services
  • Animal Pound Services
  • Abattoir Services
  • Licensing & trade

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